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Elizabeth Marcheschi

PhD i miljöpsykologi 

M.Sc. i psykologi






Research areas

My research focuses on the influence that indoor and outdoor environments have on well-being related outcomes among vulnerable groups of society such as, hospital patients, elderly people and individual with diverse types of cognitive impairments. I am primary investigating the environmental design of residential environments, healthcare facilities, nursing home and urban walking areas.

My approach to research seeks to address the interplay between physical and social aspects of the settings and their related impact on users’ well-being. Inspired by evidence-based design (EBD) approaches I pursue research that aims to identify aspects of the physical setting that are psychologically supportive for the environmental users.

Furthermore, I am also interested in the investigation of those psychological processes that intercede between each human – environment interaction and their related effects on the individual perception and experience of the environment. 




Elizabeth Marcheschi