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Thorbjörn Laike

Professor in environmental psychology
Docent in Environmental Psychology
Fil. Dr in Psychology

Research areas

I am a psychologist and am interested in studying how humans are affected by the environment. In a modern society, we spend a large part of our waking hours indoors, and at our latitudes we are also dependent on electric light for a large part of the year.

How we experience and are affected by light and colour are questions that I study in both laboratory and field studies. I have been particularly interested in the non-visual effects of light and color, how these environmental properties affect how we feel. Well-being is important for both behavior and performance. Therefore, different work environments such as offices or schools are the subject of studies.

On a more basic level, I also try to better understand what makes one environment perceived positively and another more negatively. By studying patterns in the visual environment, we can systematically compare different environments. This research is carried out in collaboration with SLU, as an interesting issue is the difference between artificial environments and natural environments.

I teach both programs and independent courses and supervise doctoral students.

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