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Pimkamol Mattsson

Associate senior lecturer

Research areas

My research concerns the interaction between the physical environment and individuals, and how this affects energy and resource use. My focus is on designing built environments that can promote energy efficient behavior, social interaction, health and well-being. The research has been conducted in multidisciplinary projects by applying theories and methods from design, technology and psychology disciplines.

I have conducted research in different types of environments, such as home, preschool, healthcare, office and urban environments. I am particularly interested in how design communicates with individuals as users, as well as their experiences and behaviors.

I am interested in the design of built environments from both users’ and professionals’ perspectives. My ongoing project relates to how design and technical solutions have been applied to promote energy efficiency and sustainability, and how the solutions interact with building users.

Teaching and collaboration

I teach in the course Light and Color, Industrial design program at LTH, and conduct lectures on the topic of social sustainability and its connection to the built environments. I have collaborated with public and private actors in research and education.

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