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Maria Johansson

Docent in Environmental Psychology
Tech Dr in Environmental Psychology
FM in Psychology

Research areas

My research interests concerns the interplay between people and environment from the individual’s perspective. I am especially interested in applied research focusing upon the individual’s role in sustainable development. The research is mostly carried out in multidisciplinary research teams and in close collaboration with stakeholders.

My research can be divided into two major fields. One area addresses the interaction between human, urban design and outdoor activities. In this area I carry out research on the importance of people’s perception of outdoor lighting to physical activities such as walking and cycling.

A specific topic is how energy efficient outdoor lighting can support pedestrians and cyclists as well as the possibility for active independent mobility among children in their neighbourhood.

The second area focuses upon humans and nature settings. I am especially concerned with how the public and stakeholder groups respond to biodiversity and the conservation and management of different species. Wildlife as well as wildlife management sometimes elicits strong feelings.

A specific topic addresses fear of large carnivores and different communication interventions.

I am also involved in research on environmental psychology and communication for a sustainable development.

Education and collaboration

I teach in environmental psychology at basic and advanced level for example at E-environmental psychology, Sustainable Urban Design and Environmental Sciences. I also teach and supervise within the PhD education in environmental psychology at Lund University.

The applied focus of environmental psychology means that the collaboration is extensive with external actors such as authorities, municipalities, county administrative boards, and stakeholders within urban development, lighting as well as environmental conservation and wildlife management nationally and internationally.

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