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Katarina Hennig

Doctoral student in environmental psychology
Lighting designer MSLL, Associate IALD
Landscape Architect MSc


Katarina has a background as a landscape architect and lighting designer in the public construction sector. She has worked as a consultant for 20 years, first at MBLD in London, then at White Architects, later as self-employed and as group manager for WSP Lighting Design, where she is currently on leave. Katarina has experience from both interior and exterior lighting design in all project stages from program document to system and construction action stage. She is passionate about creating environments where the user's physical, social and emotional needs are put at the center.

Research area

The main purpose of the research project is to investigate the connection between light and social interaction in a public exterior environment. The goal is to develop a holistic perspective for lighting public environments based on the user's activities and needs. The research is interdisciplinary and is carried out mainly as field studies in public squares in collaboration with SLU, The University of Sheffield and the City of Malmö.

Teaching and Collaboration

Katarina has been a guest lecturer in design classes at SLU in Alnarp, JTH in Jönköping, the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås, lecturer at various conferences in the lighting industry and workshop leader for IALD workshops.