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Johan Rahm

Associalte senior lecturer
Ph. D. of environmental psychology
M. Sc. in psychology
M. Sc. in environmental engineering 

Research areas

With a background as an environmental engineer, licensed psychologist and PhD in environmental psychology, my research concerns how different environmental characteristics, such as greenery and street lighting, affect how pedestrians and bicyclists experience their immediate environment and how they utilize pedestrian/bike paths.

I am also interested in how pedestrians and bicyclists more generally are affected by outdoor lighting, and its impact on perceptions of safety and mobility in urban areas during hours of darkness. Another aim of the research is to examine how new energy-efficient lighting solutions with various spectral distributions are perceived in terms of, for example, brightness and light quality, and what visual conditions they provide.

Another part of my research is about how values and attitudes affect environment-related choices and behaviours, and how the physical environment may trigger certain goal-frames, that may play a role in consumption choices.

I am course director for e-Environmental Psychology (TFRG30) and give lectures at the sustainable urban design programme, SUDes. I am also coordinator for Urban Arena, the research network for sustainable urban development at Lund University.

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