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Rikard Kuller 1938-2009

Rikard Küller (1938-2009)


Elected to the Hall of Fame, IAPS 2010, Leipzig:

"IAPS, one of the principal international associations of researchers in environment-behaviour studies, acknowledges the outstanding work and dedication of Rikard Küller to Environmental Psychology and his contribution to theoretical and methodological advancements in the field."

Between 1967 and 2009, Rikard was project leader for more than 40 major research projects, financed by, for example, the Swedish Council for Building Research, the Swedish Council for Work Life Research, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Swedish Transport & Communication Research Board, the Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning, the Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research, the Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems, and the European Union. He was also been involved in research collaborations with governmental and municipal institutions, the Swedish Defence, healthcare, and industrial organisations.  

Rikard had several international assignments as guest researcher, guest lecturer, and plenary speaker at international conferences in Europe, Japan, the US, and the former Soviet Union. He served as scientific consultant to UNESCO in 1979, and was engaged in international organisations: e.g. the first President of the International Association for People-Environment Studies, IAPS; Chairman of TC6-16: Psychobiological effects of lighting of CIE, the International Commission on Illumination; Scientific Advisor to Philips Lighting, Eindhoven, and to Pilkington Floatglas, Sweden. He hosted a number of guest researchers from different countries, and presented his own research at more than 50 international conferences.




Swedish Mercantile Marine Office Foundation for research leading to improvements for employees in the Swedish Mercantile Marine, 1979.

The CIBSE Walsh-Western Award for the best paper on lighting research in the English language in 1993.

Bertil & Britt Svenssons Stiftelse för Belysningsteknik Award for valuable contributions that played a major role in the positive development of lighting technology, 2009.




A total production of  ca 200 publications divides into monographs, books and book chapters, articles in international journals, articles in Swedish and Nordic journals, conference papers, and editorial works.