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Ann Eklund

Postdoctoral researcher
PhD, Biology, Conservation Biology
MSc, Applied Ecology
BSc (Hons), Conservation Biology Animal Behaviour

Research areas

My research investigates the relationship between the individual and the environment, with a particular focus on the use of natural resources, biodiversity conservation, and the transition to a sustainable society.

Ongoing projects relate to how the physical environment and sustainability campaigns may influence psychological processes and responsible consumption behaviour, as well as to human relations to wildlife and wildlife management including large carnivore management.

I work interdisciplinary and have a background in conservation biology and ecology. The relation that people have to natural resources catch my interest, not least due to the current environmental crises, climate change, and biodiversity loss.

I am intrigued by the emotions, psychological processes, and behaviours that natural environments can elicit in people, and the effect that these emotions, goals, and behaviours in turn have on the natural environments, biodiversity, and life on land.

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