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IEA SHC Task 61 / IEA EBC Annex 77, 1st Industry Workshop


The International Energy Agency just launched IEA SHC Task 61 / Annex 77 "Integrated Solutions for daylighting and electric lighting", a big international project which aims to foster the integration of daylight and electric lighting to save energy and at high degree of users satisfaction.

Some of the project keywords are: user demands, controls, shading, networks, comfort, efficiency, user-driven energy saving. The Department of Architecture and Built Environment will participate in the project with Prof Thorbjörn Laike and Niko Gentile.

We are also pleased to organize the kick-off event for the meeting: an Industry Workshop with top-personalities of the lighting world. Join us and provide your feedback to the project!

Project description, full agenda and registration for the workshop is found here